Spend Matters Reviews The Edbury Daley Procurement Recruitment Report

Nancy Clinton of Spend Matters UK, the industry leading news and opinion site wrote an interesting summary of the latest report on the recruitment market for procurement and spend management professionals.

She commented:

During the months since its last report in March, up to and including the election period in the UK, it found overall that the buoyant market observed throughout 2015 and much of 2016 had slowed somewhat. Then in the second half of June, reports told of a discernible spike in the number of new roles. June saw an increase of 4% in permanent vacancies across the UK, and 2% overall for the 12 month period up to the end of June; in the same period, temporary roles decreased by 13%.

One of the marked differences over the past 6 months from previous months has been the increased difficulty in identifying clear trends. This, the report puts down to the more erratic behaviour of companies which are either hiring aggressively to support growth, or seeking to increase critical mass through acquisition, or struggling to maintain headcount while financial performance declines.

You can read the rest of Nancy’s article here: http://spendmatters.com/uk/latest-edbury-daley-report-procurement-recruitment-paints-stormy-landscape/

The full Edbury Daley report is available here: http://www.edburydaley.com/procurement-spend-management-insider-october-2017/