Preparing For Brexit – Changing Demands, Skills and Supply Chains

Blog - Preparing For Brexit - Changing Demands, Skills and Supply Chains

Image: Directors Simon Edbury (left) and Andrew Daley (right) at eWorld 2017

eWorld is widely seen as one of the best events for procurement professionals to attend in the UK. It offers a great mix of exhibitors and presenters and an opportunity to learn more about what other procurement professionals are in doing in their organisations, particularly in the field of spend management technology.

The next eWorld is on the 28th February in London and one of our founding Directors Andrew Daley will be presenting a workshop entitled Preparing For Brexit – Changing Demands, Skills and Supply Chains.

It will be an interesting opportunity to discuss the impact of Brexit on the procurement and supply chain profession, with a particular emphasis on how it will affect the skills required by the profession and their availability in the UK.

Delegates will be encouraged to share their experiences of how they are preparing for the changes, and what they perceive the new challenges will be for procurement professionals.

We’ll also discuss the likely impact on the procurement talent pool in the UK, and how spend management technology can help.

Benefits of attending this session include:

  • A chance to hear what others are doing to prepare for the changes in their supply chains post Brexit
  • An opportunity to discuss the changing demands placed on procurement professionals and the implications for future skills and training
  • Gain an understanding of the likely impact on the UK procurement talent pool

It would be great to see you at the workshop or at the event in general. If you have any questions about the event or the discussion topics please do get in touch.

Click here for the full agenda for eWorld including all the other presentations.